Why Treating Clients Like They Matter, Matters

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Treating clients like they matter is the foundation upon which business is built. It was absolutely vital 100 years ago when we knew all of our customers. In the last few decades, however, customer support took a back seat as computers, automation, and mobility allowed us to sell to people we’d never meet. But in this new era social media, the focus is again on the customer experience as their voice is now the driver of small business success.

Why Treating Clients Like They Matter, Matters

The need to connect on a human level is core to the survival of our species. It is the glue that has bound us together since the beginning. We are experiencing a great many social problems because of our inability to connect. Politics is about power, healthcare is about numbers, and economics is about ideologies. Each of these is due to our lack of connection to each other. We all have pieces of the puzzle, and only together can we solve it, but rarely do we take the time to see the world from someone else’s eyes. We are all too busy attempting to get them to see it from ours.

We can’t fix the entire world, running a business is already two full time jobs, but we can make a huge difference, where it matters. We can connect to the people around us and we can connect to our clients. Afterall, they already love what we do which is why they come. Taking that extra moment and connecting with them, is a great way to improve customer experience.

Connect to Clients

What does that connection look like and why does it matter? Connection can look like many things. It is important to recognize that it isn’t the action that is connecting, it is the intention to connect that has the value, and the hardest thing to remember. A simple “hello” can be the most intimate moment if the intention is there.

What is amazing, is just how well it is received. When one recognizes that you have suspended anything happening in your own life to give yourself to them, they bond. They bond to you as a person and your business has created a high level customer experience

By connecting to clients, you create an experience based service  that increases repeat visits.

Do you remember the last time a business made you feel special?

Make Clients Feel Special

It doesn’t take much, but the memory lasts a long time. We remember them with a fondness of heart that makes us speak highly of them. We remember the enjoyment of being there and are compelled go again to experience the connection.

Connecting to clients is also great for business owners because it pulls us back into experience. Our days are filled with balance sheets, retention rates, and site analytics. We manage programs, employees, and hectic schedules. Our passions become institutionalized as the management of our business consumes us. Connecting with clients is a great way for a small business owner to get their groove back.

Connecting to your clients is a fundamental aspect of the wholistic health of your business and should be a part of your customer experience strategy. The client, the owner, and the business all experience success through this basic connection and is why treating your clients like they matter, matters.


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