Points don’t work for service-based businesses. So we base rewards on how often clients visit.

RewardMore is a customer rewards program that works. By basing rewards on how frequent clients visit, they come back sooner. This means more services for them and more revenues for you.

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How RewardMore customer loyalty works

Clients want more services, but sometimes they need a good incentive. If you reward them for frequent visits, you are giving them a good reason to come in more often.

Automated Reminders increase booking by 65%

Booking rates go up significantly when clients know the discount they will get when they book by the date. RewardMore keeps your scheduler full which is important because any unused space is lost potential revenues.

RewardMore is simple, effective, and fun!

Bigger discounts
for timely visits

Smaller discounts
for missed visits

Earning levels
makes loyalty fun

RewardMore makes it easy for clients to visit often with time-based rewards. You set the time and discounts and we send the reminders. If they visit by the date, they level up. If they miss it, they level down. This fun rewards program keeps visits frequent and your scheduler full.

RewardMore and get happier clients

Join those who increase repeat purchases and visits with RewardMore’s customer loyalty app.

I used to be addicted to Groupons, but now that I found a massage place that offers RewardMore, I just go back to them again and again.”

RewardMore FAQ

Will RewardMore compete with our package and membership sales?

No. Memberships and packages are your bread and butter and we don’t want to undermine them. However, most clients don’t want to buy them so RewardMore gives you another way to bring them in. Simply offer RewardMore after a client refuses to buy a membership or package.

Does this work for businesses that only offer classes?

Yes. Most class based businesses like fitness and yoga offer package, membership, or passes. You can still get your clients to buy those regularly with RewardMore.

Are the time and discounts adjustable?

Yes. You set the time and the discount schedule. If you find you are starting to book up, you can always adjust the discount down, however, it is always best to give your client the discount they expect. Not to mention, we recommend raising your prices instead. This way you will get more from your first time clients too.

Does RewardMore integrate into my booking system?

Working on that now, but don’t let integration prevent you from getting started. Signups take 15 seconds and checkins take 10 seconds. Is 25 seconds worth an additional 25% total revenues?

Do clients get discounts on all of our services?

This is completely up to you. You can offer discounts on all of your services or a select few.

How long does RewardMore take to set up?

RewardMore is very easy to set up with our setup wizard. It will guide you through every step and should only take 15-30 minutes.

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