Why Selling is Serving and Can Improve Customer Experience

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Let’s face it, selling is hard for most wellness service providers. We tend look at selling as a contemptible practice that is best left for used car salesmen, and don’t want to taint the virtuous services we provide. The truth is, however, selling is a necessary part of any business, and if done correctly, can increase the value of your service and improve customer experience tremendously. Read on to learn how to make selling a part of your customer engagement strategy to serve your clients better and generate more income for your business.

Why Selling is Serving and Can Improve Customer Experience

Selling and upselling are necessary for the health of all businesses. The more successful companies have already figured this out, but the smaller businesses may be under the belief that selling will devalue their services. This belief can lead to stagnancy. Understanding the sale and placing it in its proper place will help service providers experience success while still honoring their principles.

Who is the Service Provider?

The wellness service provider tends to be an empath or healer that has a desire to serve others. They generally hold themselves to higher moral and ethical standards and, from this place of service, they can truly help others. This should be honored.

When it comes to selling, however, their past experiences tend to cloud the possibilities of what could be now. Most have seen sales as pushy, uncaring, deceptive, and unnecessary and justifiably so. All of us have had terrible experiences with pushy salespeople, but those are not good selling techniques, they are merely the ones we remember. Most high quality selling techniques are not even noticed by the buyer because the salesperson is in a role of helping, not conquering. Like many things in this world, sales is also changing to truly serve the client. When selling from the intention of truly serving, the sales process changes and becomes a tool to help clients get what they desire, not force them something you want.

What is Your Client Looking For?

Your clients come to you to feel better. They have an issue and are looking for relief. You offer your services because you believe you can provide that for them. This is a great fit for who you are, what their needs are, and why your business works.

Did you know that they also want to be in optimum health? It seems like a silly question, but we rarely frame things this way. It is easier for us to move out of pain, than it is into true wellness. This is your challenge. Do your services just provide relief, or do they assist clients into optimum health. When you believe this is the true value of your service, you will see selling in a completely different light.

It is also from this perspective that we can see that not selling is not truly serving. Do you not believe your services help them? Of course you do, and since you do, isn’t it also true that providing them more services helps them more? Yep. So what is the problem?

The problem arises that we, as healers, are empathic. We are so in tune with how people feel that we often buy into their story. If a person is coming to you for relief, they are not in a whole state and their own story may be disempowering. It is important to be able to connect to where they are at, but also have the vision to move them forward. If you believe they would have better health by buying your package or product, or whatever else it is you offer that helps them, offer it from that place of belief.

How to Sell Without Being Selly

The biggest issue with sales has been the top down approach. It is the establishment of a sales quota that must be met whether or not the product or service is a good fit. It caused sales professionals to dig into psychology and develop methods and techniques that overwhelm a person’s discernment faculties in order to make the deal. This tends to turn the sale into a high pressure experience that has given sales a bad reputation. This approach is fading quickly as we enter the bottom up “value” model. This is where we first establish that the product or service provides value, and move from there to help the person obtain what they desire.

With wellness based businesses, the value is already established on some level. The client is in front of you because they believe you can help them. If you can help them more, and you truly believe it, then selling is not selling at all. You become an advisor who clears the path, so that your client can see for themselves, the value in what you are offering. You can lead them into optimum health, which is what they truly desire, even if they don’t believe it is possible. This is your highest role.

When you sell from the place of helping, you are informing the client that you believe in what you are doing and that they are worthy of your attention. These two things are incredibly powerful in establishing a higher perceived value for your services. This perceived value of your services lends their own mind to healing and creates an even stronger movement towards their optimum health.

Your Success Is Everyone’s Success

When you truly believe that you can help someone, and you take the time to skill yourself in methods that motivate action, you become a powerful force for healing in our world. We can all agree, this is needed now more than ever.

Your business is a living entity and has its own survival needs. Revenue is the blood that delivers what is needed to all of the parts of the business to keep it running. Just enough revenues will keep it alive, but more revenues will help it to grow and be healthy.

When your business is healthy, more people are healing and you can continue to serve them and others in the future. You will become an attractive business that both clients and other wellness service providers will want to seek out to work with.

Learning how to sell to your clients is a great way to improve their experience and lead them to greater health. The more you increase repeat visits, by selling clients high quality customer retention programs, the more you truly help them. This should be an integral part of your customer experience strategy. Believe in what you do and sell it with the intention of helping, and it will not be selly at all. You will you deliver a high level of customer service and facilitate better health in your clients and in the world.

We, at RewardMore, thank you for your work and what to help you thrive!


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