Increase Customer Experience with Positive Emotions

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Positive emotions is the single most effective way to increase customer experience which results in more customer loyalty. This has often come in two flavors; handling people’s perception through advertising, and crafting a high quality customer experience management program. Either way, emotions play the key role in influencing behavior with happiness being the coup de grâce.


Negative Emotional Experience

Imagine you walk into a salon. You go up to the counter and the receptionist looks up at you from their computer screen. You ask if there is any space for you to get in, and the receptionist politely shakes their head and says, “Sorry, we don’t. Can I reserve something for you next week?” Unsure of your schedule, and now disappointed, you reply, “No thanks,” walk out and, as a result, never return.

The fact is, sometimes there won’t be space for us, but this does not mean we aren’t being served with each interaction with the business. Their inability to to generate a positive emotional experience will certainly disappoint and consequently bond negative emotions with the business and overcoming them can be difficult.

Positive Emotional Experience

Now imaging you walk into the same salon. The receptionist sees you coming and says, “Hi, how is your day going?” You reply “fine, is there any space available?” Knowing everything is booked up, the receptionists asks for a moment and goes to their scheduler to see when the next available times are.

They then reply, “While we are booked for the day, I can do a couple things for you. I can take your name and number and give you a call if we get a cancellation. I can also put you in for the same time tomorrow. Does that time work for you, or would you prefer later time, if we can’t get you in today?”

You give them your name and number and tell them that tomorrow won’t work. The receptionist responds with, “I know getting in today is important, so I will be sure to let you know as soon as something changes. I’m really sorry I couldn’t be more help right now. If you aren’t able to get this done today, can we call you to schedule something soon?” You agree and the receptionist thanks you for coming in and wishes you a great rest of your day.

The Difference Between The Two

Both of these scenarios produced a disappointment. You were not able to get your services. This is going to happen. However, the former failed to create an positive emotional bond so the experience of disappointment is what you left with. Contrastingly, the disappointment of the second scenario was offset through well crafted customer experience process and resulted in a positive bond. This will create a more satisfied customer and likely generate repeat visits.

When the receptionist greets you and asks how your day is, they are creating the first bond. By connecting to you and your experience, they are showing you with their attention that they care about you. Feeling cared for is a primary desire for humans and is an easy way to generate a happy emotional experience.

Empathize with Customer

Next, even though the news they have to say is disappointing, they actively offer solutions. The solution offered even has you to give them your name and number. This serves both your business and their customer satisfaction and is likely to generate more sales. Finally, by stating what is important to you and apologizing for not being able to resolve it, they are showing empathy to your situation. Empathy is a deep emotional bond that endears one to the empathizer. It is a great way to flip the emotional experience from a negative one to a positive one.

“Empathy requires that one internalize the feelings of another. That shared experience drives interpersonal connection.” Dr. Brene Brown.

High Level Customer Experience

Crafting a high quality customer experience is not difficult, but takes the time and effort to map out all possible pathways for your potential clients to interact with your business. In each step, connect with where they are at, show care for their wants and desires, and offer solutions that both increase their customer experience, while at the same time, increase your chance at sales. The end result will be happier clients who promote your business through social media and increase your brand’s exposure. This is the new paradigm of success.


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