Rewards are for clients who don't want prepaid memberships. We help bring them back...sooner.

No points, no hassles. Time-based rewards for quicker repeat visits and a better customer experience.
"We are signing up nearly everyone that comes through the door. Huge success. We absolutely LOVE it”

Dylan Brown
Tao Float Loft

Time is better than points for repeat visits

See why your clients will come back sooner when you reward them for it.

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Do you need more repeat visits?

Loyalty Research Shows

Research Shows


"On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10x as much as their first purchase"

National Law Review

“It can cost 5x more to acquire new customers than to keep current ones"

sps commerce

“64% of retailers say loyalty is their best method of connecting with customers."

Reward programs increase repeat visits!

but until now we only had two choices

Monthly Memberships

A program where a client pays a regular monthly fee to get discounted services

Points-Based Loyalty

A program where clients collect points to redeem for services and discounts

and here are the problems we found with them

Membership Fees
People don't want to pay costly monthly membership fees
Counting Points
Calculating points is for cheap products, not high quality services
Withholding Rewards
Withholding rewards for handfuls of points slows repeat visits

So we came up with a better way!

“Our average repeat visit dropped from 7 weeks to 5 weeks after just 3 months with RewardMore.”

Tonya Jacobs
Delta Wellness

How it works is simple,
we based rewards on timely visits

Reward up

Clients level up to bigger discounts for timely visits

Level down

They level down to smaller discounts for missed visits.


Discount reminders get them coming back sooner

Why it works



Reminders keep clients aware of date & discount with easy booking


By rewarding every visit clients are more compelled to come back


No monthly fees or cost to join makes it easy to sign up everyone

Don't lose another client

Have the most effective reward program set up in minutes to keep your clients coming back and your scheduler full

Free month and no setup fee

(a $399 value when you sign up online)

Available on any device anywhere

all devices

Success Support

Charts & graphs to quickly see what needs to be done
Targets for staff participation in company goals
Pro-tips to increase signups and repeat visits
Stability, security, and privacy is our priority & strength

Join now and save with first month free and no setup fee!

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